Clare Hall Boat Club

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Clare Hall Boat House

Clare Hall Boat Club shares a boat house with Clare Boat Club. It is located at Clare Boat Club, Cutter Ferry Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8DD, United Kingdom. The boat house has ergometers (rowing machines), changing rooms, showers and obviously boats. Clare Hall Boat Club owns five boats: a heavy-weight, 8 rower, board; a light-weight, 8 rower, board; a 4 rower, board; and two single sculls. Please contact the Clare Hall Boat Club if you are interested in using any of these facilities.

Message to New College Members

Traditionally, rowing is the quintessential sport of Cambridge. It is a great sport where becoming a team is essential to moving in unison. Every college member is invited to join the Clare Hall Boat Club (CHBC) to experience this very unique Cambridge activity. You will be introduced to the CHBC during the GSB introduction week where you can learn about all aspects of rowing, meet the previous crews, and get a taste of rowing. The Club welcomes both novices and experienced rowers. The Club also welcomes rowers with any range of commitment from rowing just once a month to rowing multiple days a week for participating in the big Cambridge college races. Rowing is loads of fun, and you can meet people and make lasting friendships along the way. We hope to welcome everyone on the water soon!